Customers not satisfied with their product may return the product within 14 days from the original purchase date.  The item must be in original condition and in original packaging with the product receipt. If the product has been opened or does not have the receipt, we are not able to accept the return and the item will be shipped back at the buyer’s expense. Please send us an email regarding the return to to receive a return-authorization code and form. Without this authorization, we are unable to accept your return and the item will be returned at the buyer’s expense. The authorization will remain valid for 7 days before expiring.

We are not responsible for return packages that may be lost or damaged in transit. We encourage you to purchase shipping insurance and tracking for your item and to keep your shipping receipt.

If you have received a free gift as a promotion with the purchase of the product, the free gift must also be returned with the original product. Both the free gift and the original product must be in original, sealed, unused conditions. We will charge the buyer if the free gift has not been returned or if it is not in its original condition.

When the return item has been received, the item will be inspected in our facility within 2-3 days. After we have verified the authorization form, original receipt, and the item’s condition, we will refund the amount to your credit card. Depending on the card company, an additional 2-10 days may be required before it is applied to the account. Please note that we cannot refund any original shipping fees or return shipping fees – only the item cost will be refunded to the buyer. We will do our best to refund the buyer as fast as we can.


We cannot accept more than 3 returns from the same customer within a 6-month period. We reserve the right to deny multiple refunds on products purchased and returned more than once. Please confirm store policy prior to purchase. Thank you.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 213-487-5000 or at and we will do our best to respond to your inquiries. Thank you.